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The Horses listed on this page are on a Feedlot located in Zillah, Yakima County, Washington

Horse's Name: MacGiver
Price: $750

MacGyver - 18-20 yr old, 15h, liver chest geld. This gelding is reported to have come off a dude ranch. He was a little upset being separated from the others that came in with him but settled quite quickly when being ridden. He’s a quiet horse more of a push ride (meaning you need to keep him going) in other words quiet. Standstill to be mounted and just to hang out which is very nice. One of the dude horses was reported to have ridden in a Hackamore. We think it is this gelding because he did toss his head when asked to stop. He is a steady Eddy that many people are wanting. Has had lots of trail experience.
Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales is a volunteer listing service for AT RISK, Slaughter bound,horses located near Zillah Washington, Yakima County. Assessments are offered as a courtesy and are not a warranty. Pre-purchase Vet Checks/Professional assessments can be arranged at the interested buyer's expense. Quarantine is strongly recommended by the Washington State Vet and USDA when the animal is removed from the feedlot and prior to introduction to other horses.

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List Date: 01-12-2019

Purchase Contact Information:

Samantha, (509) 952-3866

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