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The Horses listed on this page are on a Feedlot located in Zillah, Yakima County, Washington

Horse's Name: Vader
Price: $850

10-14 yr old, 15.2h buckskin draft cross gelding. This horse is stupendous to look at!! He has a cute flirty kind of personality with a kind eye and a willing disposition. He requires some fine-tuning as he didn't understand going the direction he was told Ie, left rain turns horses head and neck left the body was going right. Basically he needs to learn to go where he is told. His seller reports that he has foundered we did see him take some ouchie steps in the dirt and rocks but looked pretty sound on the grass. He does trip that could be because he is due for Farrier care or just lazy. Both can easily be fixed the first is obvious Farrier care, the second just having him walk over poles and Cavelletti on the ground would teach him to be more careful. I have a few pics of the week and this is one of them!
The horses listed on the Feedlot page are located near Zillah Washington, Yakima County. Assessments are offered as a courtesy only. Pre-purchase Vet Checks/Professional assessments can be arranged at the interested buyer's expense. There is no mandatory quarantine upon purchase, though it is highly recommended once the animal leaves the Feedlot.Buyer be aware horse/s is/are sold as is. All sale are final. No refunds. We sell the horses to save their lives not as performance horses. Horses are sold with no guarantee about anything; including but Not limited to lameness, health, disposition, training, suitability for the buyer, rider or trainer and or rideabilty.

Buyer releases all liability from Chuck Walker and or his feedlot representatives and evaluators. Horses will NOT be loaded into straight load trailers as a basic rule.
List Date: 10-10-2017

Purchase Contact Information:

Samantha, (509) 952-3866

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