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The Horses listed on this page are on a Feedlot located in Zillah, Yakima County, Washington

Horse's Name: Cadiz
Price: $800

16-20 yr old, 15.1h, very stout grulla gelding. His teeth are deceiving because they have the hook that is present at 11 and 7, however the gavins groove is low so I am opting for the older age as not to be critizised if I am wrong. This gelding is what everyone dreams of - beauty, stout body type and color. It was reported that he has not been ridden for 5 years and from the way he handled one would have to agree. He was nervous, jumpy,about being handled but settled with handling. he will require and experienced trainer to restart him and build his confidence level. His feet are broken up and he took a few ouchy steps but for the most part he was sound, he also has some clouding on his left eye but that does not seem to bother his sight. For a color lovers here is your dream gelding, stout and color to die for.
The horses listed on the Feedlot page are located near Zillah Washington, Yakima County. Assessments are offered as a courtesy only. Pre-purchase Vet Checks/Professional assessments can be arranged at the interested buyer's expense. There is no mandatory quarantine upon purchase, though it is highly recommended once the animal leaves the Feedlot.Buyer be aware horse/s is/are sold as is. All sale are final. No refunds. We sell the horses to save their lives not as performance horses. Horses are sold with no guarantee about anything; including but Not limited to lameness, health, disposition, training, suitability for the buyer, rider or trainer and or rideabilty.

Buyer releases all liability from Chuck Walker and or his feedlot representatives and evaluators. Horses will NOT be loaded into straight load trailers as a basic rule.
List Date: 07-12-2017

Purchase Contact Information:

Samantha, (509) 952-3866

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