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The Horses listed on this page are on a Feedlot located in Zillah, Yakima County, Washington

Horse's Name: Bertha
Price: $875

20 yr old, 15h, dark bay QH mare. This mare was reported as being reining trained however has been ridden maybe 5 times in the last 10 years. She is well trained and very light to pressure but will require a light rider due to her being so sensitive. She is also being sold as a horse that will not accept a bit nor allow being wormed. We could not age her and did not try to bridle her. She is so responsive in a halter that she could use a hackamore and daily wormer. She is very overweight and really needs exercise and a diet. She is over three feet wide and prob weights 1600 lbs. Her neck is crested but she is trotting sound on the hard ground. She really is sweet and very well trained - a diet and exercise is all this gal needs.

Issues : can not worm nor bridle, over weight.

Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales is a volunteer listing service for AT RISK, Slaughter bound,horses located near Zillah Washington, Yakima County. Assessments are offered as a courtesy and are not a warranty. Pre-purchase Vet Checks/Professional assessments can be arranged at the interested buyer's expense. Quarantine is strongly recommended by the Washington State Vet and USDA when the animal is removed from the feedlot and prior to introduction to other horses.

The horses and other listed equine are SOLD AS IS without guarantee to lameness, health, disposition, capability, training or anything else including but not limited to suitability for the buyer, rider or trainer. The horses are sold to save their lives not as performance horses. Buyer releases all liability from feedlot owner Chuck Walker, feedlot representatives and evaluators. All sales are final, NO REFUNDS. Horses will NOT be loaded into straight load trailers as a basic rule. Effective 3/15/2018: AS REQUIRED BY THE FEEDLOT OWNER'S SCHEDULE, HORSES ARE TO BE COLLECTED ON SATURDAY BEFORE NOON

List Date: 04-27-2020

Purchase Contact Information:

Samantha, (509) 952-3866

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